brief summary of career

 Katsuro Nakai Biography

1935 Born in Tokyo/Japan
1953 High school student Niishiba Exhibition (youngest) New Recognition Award /
After that, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Culture
1955 Participate in avant-garde group of Nichi-kai, centering on Taro Okamoto
2014 To die
Award history
1953 Niitsu Exhibition Newcomer Award
1955 Exhibition Special Exhibition Award for Ni family
1969 Shell Art Prize

Spain Triennale Exhibition Excellence Award

1996 Japan DAC 96 Ikeda Masuo Award
1997 Eighth International Republic of China International Print Exhibition Biennale Exhibition (Taipei City Art Museum)
1998 Toray “DCA” Excellence Award
 2001 Toray “DCA” Jury Member Special Award
2001 Bulgaria International HUMOUR AND SATIRE

Biennale Grand Prix

Oriwon Memorial Printmaking Awards Category Award

Canon DCC Exhibition Canon Prize

2003 Epson Color Imaging Exhibition
2010 Asia Digital Art Grand Prize Excellence Award