With an entry fee of 8000 yen, it is a notice of the reputation event that you can bring back the kimono, band, socks you wear.
The 13 th Kimono walking samurai residence in the tap floor
November 25, Sun (Sun) 【Permanent rainy season】
The previous (photo) slide show is available from here.
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The meeting which walks an overflow Samurai residence by a kimono the 12th time
Sunday, March 25, 2018 [sprinkle carrying]


“Meiji Restoration Shirasu Image Park” opening event
December 27, Heisei 10 pm – Foot floor History building

The 11 th Kimono walking samurai residence on the flood
Those who wear kimono can watch the museum free of charge.


Exhibit a bamboo lantern at the museum

Mati Terrace, grand prix work was relocated to the art gallery backyard and exhibited.

The contest was restricted to space, but the museum is a powerful exhibition that used a large garden. For details, click here

The reputed sand statue is also added publicly, Ryoma Sakamoto and Mr. Dragon.


I participated in the Machi Terrace in 2017 of the Drainage Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

I joined the bamboo lantern contest and won the Grand Prix.