Modern Contemporary Art and Archives (Saigo Takamori and Samurai residence)

2019 New Year samurai residence group walk stroll slideshow added.
During the period of 2018/12/17 ~ 2019/01/31 for exchanging exhibits etc.
It temporarily closes. The garden tour is possible (free).
November 25, 2018
Added a slide show of the 13th “Walk the Samurai House with Kimono”.
2018/11/24 This website has been SSL compliant.
· Exhibition (Ukiyo-e exhibition started)
· Permanent exhibition (part of Nakai Katsuro’s works swapped)
· Director’s memoir (cat and art museum) Updating from time to time
· Exhibition (End of Furukawa Eien Exhibition)

Near contemporary art
 Katsuro Nakai (Work) (biographical)

Admission Fee (museum only) Free visit to the garden
Adult: ¥500
Student: ¥ 300
Junior high school students and under: free
More than 15 people · Senior (over 70): Discount
Disabled Person (Including Including) · Introducer: Discount

Satsuma garden is also open to the public
(Size 900tsubo : 2975.13 square meters)
Contact phone 0996-62-2343
ACCESS ( Museum place and access introduction )
Free parking available

Museum Garden Exhibit
On the garden of 900 tsubo where the Katsuyama water is also left Showing objects related to Saigo Takamori

Sand statue using Shirasu (volcanic ash)

Bamboo lantern lighting timing unknown

Sakamoto Ryoma and the dragon’s sand image (backyard)

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